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Added: 8 months ago

What are my rights in shared custody, if the other parent is kicking the child out?

My ex-husband and I have shared custody of our 2 daughters. Our 16 yr old is having issues with her dad and has confided in me that he bullies her and has now hit her across the ear. Our houses are on the same street, a… (Read more)

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Samuel Michaels

Founder & Lawyer, SM Legal

In general, custody decisions can only be made by a court, and are made based on what the court deems to be the best interest of the child.

In your situation, you may benefit from consulting with a family lawyer. I would recommend contacting a lawyer who is a member of the Self-Rep Navigators, as they have a strong roster of lawyers who would be able to help individuals in similar circumstances. 

Answered: 8 months ago