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Added: 8 months ago

What are my chances of getting an ITA to apply for PR in Canada?

What are the chances of getting an invitation to apply for a Permanent Residency of Canada, If a candidate’s age is 27, and he has a postgraduate MA, 5 years of work experience, and an average IELTS score of 7.0?

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Josh Schachnow

CEO and Co-Founder,

You have a strong Express Entry profile, however might be a few points short of getting an ITA, considering CRS scores required during the most recent draws.

First you will want to calculate your exact CRS score then compare it to the previous draws.

One of the ways you can improve your score - and your chances of getting an ITA - is by getting a minimum of 8 in the Listening module on your IELTS test.

Even if your Writing, Speaking, and Reading modules remain at 7, getting an 8 on Listening would give you an overall CLB 9, providing a boost to your CRS score.

We talk more about it in our blog post on how to raise your score.

Answered: 8 months ago