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Carter G. Perks

Corporate & Employment Lawyer, Perks Law Group

In Ontario, if your employment agreement states that you and your employer agreed to a six (6) week notice period should you voluntarily leave your position, then you should abide by that requirement. If you only give two weeks notice, you would not be entitled to your salary/wages for the four additional weeks that you agreed to work as per the agreement. Further, employees can be found liable for the damages if the employer sues for breach of contract (wrongful resignation) given you failed to provide the agreed upon notice. More details would be required to assist further.

Edited: 7 months ago

Samuel Michaels

Founder & Lawyer, SM Legal

In general, an employer cannot withhold wages an employee has in fact earned, regardless whether there are other disputes, liabilities, or issues with regards to the employee.

Answered: 8 months ago