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Added: 7 months ago

How can I get a job in Canada and immigrate as a worker?

I live in Nigeria. How do I apply for jobs in Canada? And also, what are the chances that I can actually get a job over there? I’m open to work remotely, as well as to move there

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Josh Schachnow

CEO and Co-Founder,

I recommend looking up companies that are willing to sponsor foreign workers, or companies that do foreign recruitment for Canadian companies. Try to focus on job occupations that are in high demand. 

Keep in mind that actually getting a job offer from abroad can be very difficult and would depend on your background and your work experience. Being willing to work remotely at first may help. 

Also, be careful of people offering you jobs or LMIAs for a fee, as these are usually scams and illegal.

I also wrote an article on how skilled workers can move to Canada here: Skilled Workers: Best Ways to Immigrate to Canada

Answered: 7 months ago