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Josh Schachnow

CEO and Co-Founder,

PNPs are challenging to navigate, due to each Province’s unique requirements. Your chances of getting a Provincial Nomination depend on how aligned are your background, education, work experience, and other personal considerations with each program you’re applying for.


As an example, tech workers will have different opportunities, compared to regular workers, to immigrate into some provinces under the PNP nomination. You’ll also find that most programs require a connection to Canada or the specific province - such as a job offer, a Canadian degree, or a relative living there. It might be challenging to qualify without meeting one of those parameters.


You could review each province's website to determine which programs might constitute the best fit. 


If you happened to be in tech, we’re doing live classes on the specific PNPs that would cater to tech workers who do not currently have a job offer, but would still want to apply and receive a nomination. You can find out more on our website.

Answered: 8 months ago