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Added: 8 months ago

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Heather Hui-Litwin

Founder, Litigation Help

If you are suing someone, you are not forced to hire a lawyer to do this. You are allowed to file a claim yourself. Similarly, if you are sued, you are not forced to hire a lawyer to file a defence. However, the rules and procedures involved are not easy to understand, even with all the information available online. This is why most people do need a lawyer. If you hire a lawyer to represent you, technically, that lawyer is "on the record". This lawyer is responsible for taking care of your case on your behalf in all the aspects of the lawsuit, such as corresponding with opposing counsel, arguing at hearings for you etc. This is the most common way to hire a lawyer for litigation. More recently, you can also hire a lawyer "in the background" to coach you, or draft legal arguments or other court documents for you. This second way of hiring is referred to "unbundled" or "limited scope retainer" services. This allows you to represent yourself, while still being able to receive legal assistance to your case. For more information, visit Self-Rep Navigators, For family litigation, see Family Law Limited Scope Services

Answered: 8 months ago