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Added: 10 months ago

Can a holographic Will be contested?

How could someone go about contesting a holographic will that was made 6 years ago from another province? The will itself wasn't signed or dated, it went through probate 3 times now. What can be done?

Added: 10 months ago

Can a signed Will with only one witness be valid?

My mother drafted a Will in Feb 2002 and signed it. She got permission from her proposed Estate Trustee in Sept 2002. Mom resigned her Will in the Witness Signature spot, dated it Sept 2002, and had the Estate Trustee'… (Read more)

Added: a year ago

How much time does the executor of a will have to sell a property specified in a will?

My parents have both passed away, my father just five months ago. His Will specifies that their house be sold and the money be divided evenly between the 5 children. One of the siblings wants to purchase the house. Is th… (Read more)