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Can you answer any of these 3 questions?

Added: 10 months ago

Can I be sued for damages, without having any significant assets?

I wrote a comment on a professor's Facebook page and google page for her workplace calling her a racist. She has hired a lawyer and is suing me if I don't sign a paper saying I'm sorry and I won't do it again. I am not s… (Read more)

Added: a year ago

What can I do if my medical accommodation request was denied by the school?

I'd like legal advice with an issue I'm experiencing at a school in Ontario. I have a health issue that I dealt with since a young age but I worked very hard to manage and it stabilized. I'm recommended by the doctor to… (Read more)

Added: a year ago

Does a disclaimer either 'void' or 'trump' "due care?"

In my example, CPA Ontario, a self-regulated body with an educational program recently re-assessed my work experience, after it was previously approved two years ago. The organization said it reserves the right to re-ass… (Read more)