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Hustle Smart.

Pay Less Taxes.

Paperstack is an incorporation, bookkeeping, and tax filing platform, built for freelancers.

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"Every day I hear about founders spending thousands of dollars to incorporate with an accountant or a lawyer. Fortunately, there are services like Paperstack that can help for a fraction of a cost."

Nick Haughton
Senior Software Developer at NorthOne Banking
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Corporate HQ for your "business-of-one"

Paperstack helps you start your business, manage finances, and file company taxes - all in one place.

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Easy Incorporation

Seamlessly incorporate your business in minutes and get all the required paperwork.

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Monthly Bookkeeping

We will handle your bookkeeping and send you a monthly report with all the details.

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Tax Filing

Submit taxes directly to the CRA from our platform. We'll even verify your return, to help you reduce taxes.

Do what you love - delegate the rest

Life is too short to spend most of it tracking expenses in a spreadsheet. Leave accounting and bookkeeping to us.

Bookkeeping "on the autopilot"

Stop tracking your expenses on the spreadsheet. Paperstack will capture and categorize your expenses, track earnings, and maximize tax write-offs. Simply link your debit and credit accounts - and let our technology handle the rest.

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Approved by a professional CPA

We hired professional accountants, so you don't have to. Every expense report and tax filing is verified by a real CPA so you can have a peace of mind.

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Know where your money goes

Keep track of all your expenses and view where your money goes.

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