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Asked: 22 days ago

Can I be sued for damages, without having any significant assets?

I wrote a comment on a professor's Facebook page and google page for her workplace calling her a racist. She has hired a lawyer and is suing me if I don't sign a paper saying I'm sorry and I won't do it again. I am not s… (Read more)

Samuel Michaels

Founder & Lawyer, SM Legal

Given the circumstances, it is possible that the professor will decide to pursue legal action against you. However, whether you will be liable to the professor can only be determined by a court.

Answered: 22 days ago
Asked: a month ago

What can I do if my medical accommodation request was denied by the school?

I'd like legal advice with an issue I'm experiencing at a school in Ontario. I have a health issue that I dealt with since a young age but I worked very hard to manage and it stabilized. I'm recommended by the doctor to… (Read more)

Samuel Michaels

Founder & Lawyer, SM Legal

In general, students often have the right to accommodations under their university’s student wellness policy. If you consult your school’s policy, it’s possible you will find specific information regarding the availability of the accommodation you are requesting. 

If your school is not providing adequate accommodation in accordance with their policy, it may be helpful to have a lawyer correspond with the school administration on your behalf, especially if there are concerns of a racial component (which could lead to a Human Rights claim, depending on the circumstances). 

Please let me know if this would be of interest to you. Otherwise, your school’s policy documents will likely be the best resource to start with. 

Answered: a month ago
Asked: 2 months ago

Does a disclaimer either 'void' or 'trump' "due care?"

In my example, CPA Ontario, a self-regulated body with an educational program recently re-assessed my work experience, after it was previously approved two years ago. The organization said it reserves the right to re-ass… (Read more)

Samuel Michaels

Founder & Lawyer, SM Legal

Since CPA (Chartered Professional Accountant) Ontario is a self-regulated entity, it may be in your interest to obtain a copy of their regulations, which should detail the review and reassessment practices. The regulations in all likelihood will also contain complaint and dispute resolution procedures. Unfortunately, since you are dealing with a self-regulated entity, you will likely have to operate within the established policies. In general, a disclaimer does not fully void a duty of care, but without seeing the specific regulatory structure for the CPA, it is impossible to know for certain what effects the disclaimer has. It may be valuable for you to document all relevant events (including names, dates, and descriptions where possible) and then reach out to the CPA to inquire about a dispute resolution process. Beyond that, you may want to contact the Ministry of Labour (, though their relationships with self-regulated entities (CPA, LSUC, etc.) varies.

Answered: 2 months ago